4 Things to Consider Before You Set Up a New Business

4 Things to Consider Before You Set Up a New Business

In the modern era, where about a third of all Americans in the workforce are either working for themselves or working for someone who works for themselves, it just makes sense that there would be more entrepreneurs than ever before. If you’re hoping to set up a new business, however, you need to recognize that it might not be as easy as it sounds. Here are four questions to ask yourself before you take the leap and set up a new business.

1. What Are You Going to Sell?

This question sounds obvious – what is the product that you’re hoping to sell? However, in this step, you have to think about not only what you’re going to sell, but also why it’s going to be an enticing product. Anyone can decide that they want to sell anything, but a business that specializes in taxidermized squirrels is probably not going to stay around for very long. If you feel like your sales pitch is too narrow, think of ways that you can expand it.

2. Who Are Your Customers Going to Be?

This question is somewhat tied to the first question. Who are you selling to? This is, of course, intricately connected to the product that you’re selling, but it can also be its own question. If you’re selling feminine blouses, someone might assume that you’re selling to women, but if you’re hoping to make feminine unisex clothing more widely accessible, you might broaden your customer base to people of all genders.

3. How Are You Going to Get Your Name Out There?

This is the question of advertising. It’s a complicated question, and one that can eat up quite a lot of your time, money, and energy. How are you going to get people to learn about your brand? With everything from guerilla marketing to billboards to print ads to social media advertising available, the only thing holding you back will be budget and what type of ad works best for you.

4. What Are Your Finances Going to Look Like?

Financial questions are some of the most important questions to ask at the beginning of the process of starting a new business. After all, while you might not even make any profit in the first year, the point of a business is to turn a profit. A business credit card with Chase Bank bonuses and other cashback opportunities can be a helpful way to save extra money.


Although it’s easier than ever to set up a new business in the modern technological age, that doesn’t mean you should just go setting up a business with no foresight. Instead, it’s crucial that you ask yourself all sorts of questions to understand how your business may eventually be able to make a profit. With the answers to all four of these questions ironed out, you’ll be at a much higher chance of success as opposed to someone who hasn’t asked any of them.