How To Protect Your Eyes If You Have To Use Your Phone Screen Too Much

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You will be amazed to hear that there is something called the Computer Vision Syndrome and it is something that gets a negative impact on your eyes because of screens. It can make your eyes suffer and get you problems related to vision. In the beginning, you might feel that you are having tiring eyes, then you might feel that they are burning and there will be itching in your eyes too and if it gets worse, you will start to have blurred vision, headaches, sore neck and shoulders and so many other problems. 

Many people experience CVS and it is very common in the world of today to have that. One of the common reasons is that we all spend countless hours on the computer screens, most of the time on smartphones and TV as well. There are so many ways and hacks that can help you avoid this syndrome and even protect your eyes from getting damaged on the internet and you can use CenturyLink Internet that can help you a speedy solution to your medical problems by getting you to access medical portals and other assistance available online. You can get connected to the internet at an affordable rate using CenturyLink internet plans. Let’s have a look at the different ways that can help you avoid such problems if you spend more time on the screen:

Using Blue Light Blocking Glasses Is a Good Idea

You should know that light emitted by screens is dangerous for the eyes and there are other sources that do the same. This is because the screens of the devices that we use emit some sort of blue rays. These have a sort of short wavelength which can damage our eyes. There are specially designed blue-light-blocking glasses that can help you avoid damaging your eyes. Many mobile and laptop screens have settings for the blue light filter that can help you minimize the damage caused to your eyes. 

Keep Your Screen Eye-Friendly

While you are using your mobile or laptop screen, you can try and focus on the content displayed on the screen. If the glare on the screen gets too sharp then it is a sign that your eyes are finding it difficult to concentrate on the content. This results in having eye strain. It is a good idea to wear eyeglasses or anti-reflective coating on the lens of your eyeglass. 

Blink Your Eyes Mindfully  

When you blink your eyes, you are actually relaxing your eyes in a natural way. It helps your eyes to refocus and stay moisturized. One of the problems is that when you are involved in using your phone or laptop screen too much, you don’t blink your eyes. Blinking your eyes works like an exercise that can take your eyes off the screen for some seconds and refreshes your eyes for further working. Make sure that you don’t forget to blink your eyes while you are working or texting your friend on the phone. 

Maintain an Adequate Distance from The Screen

One of the most common reasons why spending too much time on the screen is unhealthy for the eye is because to get a better look you will have to stay close to the screen. A recommended distance by different experts related to IT and Health and Sciences recommend that an ideal state is that your eyes and your screen should be at a distance of around 16 to 18 inches. If you cannot clearly see it at the distance, it is a good idea that you zoom in to clearly see your screen rather than bringing the screen at a closer distance that could damage your eyes.

Get Your Eyes Checked On a Regular Basis  

One of the most common and useful pieces of advice that you could get apart from protecting your eyes is to visit a doctor. It is a wise move to stay in touch with an expert who can test and let you know if there is anything wrong with your eye. You can have a look around and find a good ophthalmologist and get awareness about the different ways you can protect your eyes from damage from different sources. 

In the end, one can say it is not always medicine that can keep your eyes healthy. You can take some proactive measures that can help you retain your eyesight for a longer period. You can even go and try some of the natural ways to keep your eyes healthy as well. Also, stay in touch with a doctor who can check your eyes out and give out recommendations on ways to make your eyesight better.  

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