Easy Memory Boosting Hacks for Students who want to Top

Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

Being a student in this age and time is a major blessing, there are so many things to learn, so many fields and skills to develop and explore and there’s no limit to how much we can grow further in the world of academics. 

The opportunities are everywhere and the possibilities of our success are endless but being a student can be exhausting as well. With a great many opportunities comes the zeal and ambition to go further and further, and being in this competitive world, moving forward isn’t always easy. 

There are many factors that determine your success as a student but your memory and your information retaining skills play a huge role in it. It would have been great if each of us had an eidetic memory like the fictional Sheldon Cooper, but from many of us, retaining a lot of important information and recalling it exactly when we need it is not a piece of cake.

People do many things to improve their memory such as practising games that offer mental stimulation, solving puzzles, using memory-enhancing pills such as Modalert, Modvigil concentration-boosting ones such as Waklert and even taking up activities to improve the brain’s memory.

Let’s explore some of the most effective and doable ways to boost your brain’s information retention capacity.

Calm Your Brain With Meditation: 

You might be skeptical about meditation as it is recommended a lot for almost everything from getting better sleep to becoming more emotionally stable. But it is recommended for a reason, many reports and researches have proved that meditation has a powerful impact on almost every aspect of your bodies as well as our lives.

It has been observed that people who meditate on a regular basis have more gray matter in their brain compared to those who don’t meditate at all, and grey matter is very important from a student’s point of view. 

The increased grey matter in a student’s brain allows him or her to have better self-control, making you less prone to distractions and procrastination which will improve your productivity. It will also improve your concept and your concept grabbing capacity which can make a difference that can take their academic scores to form Grade C to Grade A. 

It is true that improving your memory with meditation takes time and consistent practice, but it is one of the most effective ways and it makes a positive improvement in your whole life. 

Challenge Your Brain To Step Out of the Comfort Zone:

Just like you, your brain also has a comfort zone, and if it stays in that zone forever it will show as stagnancy on your brain functions. People who do the same thing over and over again allow the brain to built a pattern, and once the brain sets a pattern, it stops growing in that area. The created patterns let the brain perform the tasks at hand easily without much effort. When a complex problem presents itself all of sudden and your brain has not solved it then it won’t have a pattern to follow leaving it overwhelmed. This leads to the deterioration of the brain functions, its cognitive function, its problem-solving skill, and even its memory. 

You can avoid these events by exercising your brain daily, just like you would do for your body if you wanted to become a strong man or woman. 

Puzzles, riddles, math problems, games, and anything that can present a challenge to your brain works great at exercising your brain and making your memory game stronger and sharper. Consistent challenges for your brain will not only strengthen your memory muscles but also develop your confidence in your own problem-solving skills. And if you are successful in making your brain feel that it can solve any problem, you can bet for sure that it will figure out a way to solve it one way or the other. 

Get Good Quality Sleep to Improve Long-term Memory Boosting: 

We know that when you are a student working on multiple assignments at 2 am, getting 8 hours of good quality sleep is the last thing on your mind.

But good sleep is almost magic for improving your memory. Let’s say you spend your whole day challenging your brain and learning new things and grasping different concepts. These things are your short term memory, but when you sleep well, you allow these memories to become long term memories which will be at your disposal if you wish to recall them such as during a viva or a surprise test.

Sleep allows your brain to store your memories properly and seal them in for your use in the future. It also boosts your concentration a well-rested and refreshed mind is able to soak in more information and knowledge than a groggy and tired one for sure.  

These are among the most effective things you can do for improving your memory and levelling up your grades in school or college. Never forget that while these ways are fool-proof you need to put in consistent efforts and be patient, you will not see big results in a week, give it a month and you will surely be surprised by the outcomes you get.